State of Wisconsin Chapter 1611

Greetings from the President


This past year has seen many changes to our Chapter. Being spread throughout the state of Wisconsin, our biggest challenge continues to be connecting meaningfully with our diverse and geographically distributed membership. Letters, phone calls, e-mail, teleconferences and sometimes face to face meetings keep us grounded and in touch as an Executive Board. We continue to search for better ways in which to serve our members through electronic media.

We welcome a merger with the La Crosse Chapter. This infusion of new members strengthens the collaborative spirit and renews our purpose and commitment. Additionally, we have recruited three early career teachers to join our Executive Board and are looking forward to their ideas, enthusiasm and the technological prowess of these digital natives. If you or anyone you know is interested in becoming a representative at large for the Executive Board, please contact us as shown on this page. We welcome all members who are interested in working to serve our membership.

Our Newsletter, edited by Jose Vega, will be posted twice a year by mail and on this website under "News."

Scholarships to outstanding young high school seniors continues to be a focal point of PDK. Our Chapter has recently instituted the practice of offering an $800 gift card to the two applicants we send on to the International contest

The Board also plans to sponsor Future Educators Associations in our area. Anyone interested in applying for grants to aid in establishing an FEA chapter is invited to contact us as shown below.

We welcome all your comments, suggestions and input as we work together to serve our members. Please feel free to contact any of our Executive Board and we encourage you to share your time and talents with PDK State of Wisconsin Chapter 1611!

Judy Munsey, M.S., M.Ed.
President, Wisconsin State Chapter 1611

The mission of Phi Delta Kappa International is to promote high-quality education, in particular publicly-supported education, as essential to the development and maintenance of a democratic way of life. This mission is accomplished through our tenets of leadership, research, and service. For more information about us, please click here.

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